Wi-Fi Connectivity and the Internet of Things

In the Spring, I shared information and a video on Samsung’s 802.11bgn chip solution for those who are designing consumer products that require a Wi-Fi connectivity component. Today, this Wi-Fi chip solution has been designed into one of the more interesting examples of an IoT connected device that I’ve seen recently.

SkyBell has integrated our 802.11bgn chip into their Wi-Fi connected doorbell, giving the homeowner greater access and control to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at the front door whether the homeowner is home or not.  My colleague, Ryan Chien, and one of SkyBell’s co-founders, Andrew Thomas, recently sat down with Samsung Semiconductor TV’s Sean O’Kane to talk more about the future of IoT, Samsung’s view on the applications and where SkyBell fits into this growing new market.

I invite you to watch our latest episode of Samsung Semiconductor TV as Ryan and Andrew discusses the benefits of our new 802.11bgn chip design and the practical application of turning a doorbell into a Wi-Fi-enable device. As always, I’m interested in hearing from you. Please share you questions and feedback in the comments section below.

Please click below to watch the video: